Pressurized Habitats

ENERGYPLUS offers Innovative & Safe Pressurized Habitat and Hot Work Services in Zone 1 & 2 atmospheric work environments during production online without shutdown to all our Energy Sector Clients for their Onshore & Offshore Assets.

We deliver Pressurized Habitat and Hot Work Services by a Competent, Multi-Skilled, and Highly Trained Habitat and Mechanical Professionals, closely supervised by Experienced Project Management Teams with adequate Equipment, Tools, Accessories and Consumables.

Provision of best solutions to cater risk management and controlling hazards while Performing Habitat and Hot works in potentially explosive environments.

We consistently plan & deliver our deliverables to Project Milestones, Safely & on time.


  • Safe, Cost Effective and Save Time
  • Eliminate Shutdowns without interrupting operations & maintain the Productivity
  • Extends asset life and improves Asset Integrity
  • Custom, Compact designed Habitat System to limit Offshore Deck Space
  • Provision of a safe working environment for personnel to perform hot work activities mitigating the associated high hazards
  • Integrated & Comprehensive Service Provision
  • Immediate Deployment of Resources and accomplish Hot Work Scopes
  • Lifting and Rigging Solutions
  • Safe Operating, Control and Handover procedures

Comprehensive Deliverables

  • Scaffolding Frame Installations
  • Pressurized Habitats
  • Fabrication, Welding and Repairs
  • Flange Replacement, Piping System & Repair Works
  • Structural Installations & Dismantling
  • Mechanical Site Works